Easily Changing and Buying Any Type Automotive Lightbulb

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Automotive Lightbulbs have come a long way since the old days when one lit them by hand with a small torch! Today changing an automotive lightbulb is easier than ever. Whether you’ve never changed an automotive lightbulb before or if you have a lot of experience with changing automotive lightbulbs, it is still useful to examine some of the differences between headlight styles, and the different ways they are installed to insure that you are “approaching the problem” from the right angle.

Many people get confused on how to access the lightbulb compartment. In some modern car styles, entering the automotive light bulb compartment is disguised quite well, making it difficult to discern in the design of the car. Clearly the main goal among these car designers was a “clean look” of the headlight set and not “ease of use.” It is comforting for you to remember that:

“No matter what kind of car you are working with;
Automotive lightbulb compartments have to open somehow.”

- That is, unless they have a new type of automotive lightbulb that lasts forever. Hopefully that knowledge will keep you encouraged as you look at what can be a puzzling maintenance procedure!

Different Automotive Lightbulbs can be unique in many ways. The easiest automotive lightbulbs to change would have to be cars that were produced after 1990. Before that, most car makes required the owner to replace THE ENTIRE HEADLIGHT COMPARMENT. As one can imagine servicing a car built prior to 1990 can be quite expensive, especially when an automotive lightbulb of this type lasted approximately a fifth of what they do today.

The bottom line on preparing to change any automotive lightbulb, is to buy your style automotive lightbulbs in bulk, as cheaply as possible, and have them on hand


  • Never touch the surface of the lightbulb
  • Avoid wrenching or forcing the automotive lightbulb. Forcing an automotive lightbulb will cause it to beak in the socket and then require professional assistance.
  • In the end you may have to end up reading the manual. You can do it. Take courage and know that many others are cheering you on as you maintain your vehicle!